Y-TRIM New Website Launch

Y-TRIM New Website Launch


Y-TRIM is a newly found sub-brand of ASANA, the well-known Hong Kong-based health product brand. Introducing the first product called Slimming Yogurt, Y-TRIM plans to catch public attention and gain popularity among target audiences. Pixo Punch is thus in charge of creating the first ever website of Y-TRIM by using a popular open source CMS, WordPress.


To give a taste of energy and freshness as well as be consistent with the brand image, the responsive website is packed with colors of white, orange and yellow. The one page parallax design features big thematic visuals at the top, delivering core branded content in just a few words.

As a newcomer of the Hong Kong diet food industry with a background of South Korea, Y-Trim hired local and Korean models to perform in two videos on YouTube for the purpose of promoting the new product. The videos are smoothly embedded into the website, drawing online traffic of two portals to each other.

Besides, customers are invited to register for Y-TRIM CLUB on the website by filling-in personal information instantly. Then they can even collect points to enjoy discounts on next purchases.

Lastly, the website also shows the over 300 points of sale of Y-TRIM in Hong Kong through adopting Google Maps. It incredibly increases customers’ and prospects’ considerations of buying Slimming Yogurt at stores after understanding Y-TRIM.


It’s your turn to get to know Y-TRIM. Here you go.

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