Xbox Integrated O2O Solution: Digital Installation at ACG

Xbox Integrated O2O Solution: Digital Installation at ACG


The American multinational technology company Microsoft has been selling Xbox in HK for over a decade. In the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) 2015, Xbox sets the booth, offers game demos and promotions. Pixo Punch is then tasked to provide seamless O2O experiences to audiences and generate online buzz via on-site digital installations.


To draw the attention from game lovers, the exclusive classic game Gears of War is centered on the idea. We turn the virtual main character, Marcus, into reality: teaming up with the local well-known actor, Lo Mang, who dresses up and plays the role of Marcus. With pre-filmed videos and 3D CG after effect, we create a virtual prison cell to imprison him, where he asks for audiences’ help to escape.


To interact with the installation, audiences are given unique QR Code cards to trigger the animation. As the installation scans, audiences have to “slash” the gate open to help Lo Mang. Next, audiences pick an escape route for him. The 5 options subtly refer to 5 different games of Xbox One so that the games are promoted.

To thank audiences, Lo Mang suggests taking selfies together and gives rewards to audiences. Using mobile to scan the same unique QR Code cards, audiences can collect their own selfies online and share on Facebook, creating the viral effect.


The event was held for only 5 days but the result was very impressive. Over 1,200 audiences enjoyed the interaction and took selfies with Marcus. Meanwhile, a lots of selfies were shared on Facebook, amplifying the reach and impressions of Xbox’s Facebook Fan Page and resulting in the brand new O2O user journey for audiences.