Vichy Social Hub

Vichy Social Hub


The international well-known beauty brand aspires to help users achieve their ideal skin, no matter how age, lifestyle, and nature of skin color affect. In April 2015, Vichy launched a brand new social hub targeting Hong Kong users, providing a holistic communicative skincare solution.


Over the years Vichy has initiated a number of product-centric social campaigns, in the meantime partnered with lots of bloggers and editors. The contents are valuable in that they do answer questions and problems raised by users. To consolidate all these pieces of information to form a single online portal, users can access to contents that they look for more easily, while the power of social sharing is united and multiplied.


With the keyword search function enabled, the social hub is composed of four parts:

Tips & Suggestions
Topics of ideal skin are categorized into 8 aspects, such as whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging. For every piece of tips, users can read and share via Facebook or e-mail. Products related to the specific skincare issue are suggested.

Q&A Section
Questions are divided into skincare aspect-driven and product-driven. Frequently asked questions are all included and available to be shared on Facebook via just a few clicks. Surely, users are welcomed to ask new questions anytime. Specialists will be in charge of answering.

User Sharing
Selected KOLs, ranging from stylist, to pharmacist, to beauty consultant, share their pleasant experience of applying products of Vichy into their skincare routine. Besides, general users are invited to share their unique experience of achieving ideal skin with Vichy.

Links & Promotions
Apart from most updated promotions, the social hub also links up users with the website, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel of VICHY HK, as well as shows shop locations.


Since the launch in April 2015, a surge of beauty lovers and cosmetic professionals has visited the social hub, where all-rounded skincare information meets. They make use of the social sharing functions and recommend it to others, generating both viral effect online and word of mouth offline.