Towngas Integrated O2O Campaign:
Cook For Love

Towngas Integrated O2O Campaign:
Cook For Love


Launched in March 2015, this campaign mainly aims to raise public awareness of frame cooking by strengthening the emotional bonding of love and care. Participants are engaged through social media as well as an O2O strategy. This campaign contains 3 portals which are optimized for different segments of the market, including the public, students and Towngas’ staff.


Those 3 portals have various purposes. The mass public portal helps to increase online members and convert them into Towngas’ customers. The student portal aims to strengthen Towngas’ brand image among young students. The staff portal engages with internal staff to increase employee morale. All portals carry the same concept of “Cook For Love” but differ in some of the contents.

The mass public portal focuses much on the relationship between participants and their family, friends and lovers. The student portal focuses on participants and their schoolmates. The staff portal focuses on the relationship between staff and also their family. Yet, only the participants from the mass public or the student portals can take part in the O2O activity.


This campaign can be accessed through desktop computers and mobile devices, and it requires member log in. For the mass public portal, participants can simply log in by connecting with their Facebook accounts. For the student portal, students need to log in with their Facebook accounts and provide their school and student ID number for identification. The staff portal requires participants’ staff numbers and they can choose to link their Facebook accounts to the campaign or not.

After log in, participants can choose to finish various missions to earn points for prize redemption. Missions vary slightly across different portals, but mainly include Facebook post sharing, photo or video upload, invitation to friends etc. The campaign offers a wide variety of incentives to participants, namely, cooking utensils, electronic devices and amusement park tickets.

Moreover, there is a video competition which uses “Cook For Love” as its theme. Participants can either upload a video or generate one by using the provided tool. One winner will be selected from each portal to receive extra point reward.

Last but not least, this campaign carries an O2O strategy which features an Egg Capsule Machine. Participants can use their unique QR code ID to interact with the Egg Capsule Machine in 10 different Towngas’ stores among Hong Kong. The Egg Capsule Machine is exclusively made for this campaign, and the design and operating mechanism are designed to enhance participants’ experience. When participants scan their QR codes at the machine, the machine will start operating. An egg capsule will then be automatically dropped down. Inside each egg capsule, a redemption coupon can be found. Participants can redeem a gift with it, such as Teddy bear set and supermarket coupon. Each participant can initiate the Egg Capsule Machine once per day. This O2O strategy does not only bring online members to the Egg Capsule Machine, but also attracts the public to join this campaign, and hence lead to more traffic to the campaign website.


Within 2 weeks, over 300,000 times of interaction are accumulated. And, after 1 month, over 1,300,000 times of interaction are reached.


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