Towngas Family-themed Branding Integrated Campaign: Cook For Love

Towngas Family-themed Branding Integrated Campaign: Cook For Love

Towngas has decided to take on an unprecedentedly new branding approach which puts family and emotional bonding at the centre of the creative under the partnership with Pixo Punch, who help plan and execute this first campaign of Towngas in 2014. This is the second time Pixo Punch partners with the gas company for TVCs three years after creating a 10 second TVC in 2011.

7W0A1240Called “Cook for Love”, the integrated campaign spans across TV, prints, advertorials, online and in-store displays. While the 60-second TV commercial plays the lead, a 3-minute online TVC will be available to foster the message delivery to more target audiences.

As a digital creative agency, Pixo Punch also unveils a Facebook app featuring social CRM. Upon completion of social actions, e.g. inviting friends to come back home for dinner, uploading photos or videos about dining with family, users can earn points for prize redemption. To align with the creative direction, the prizes chosen are highly meaningful and favourable for spending time with family.

Alvin Li, creative director of Pixo Punch revealed that the campaign aims to perfectly connect the brand with locals by hooking up the social phenomenon of long working hours in Hong Kong.

“Through this emotional family story which is cross-generations, wage-earners can easily associate themselves to the story, while parents, who always wait for their daughter or son to come back home to have meal together, will also easily be touched.” Vivien Kan, retail business development manager at Towngas, explained.


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