TIME’s Video Contest Campaign:
Submit Your World

TIME’s Video Contest Campaign:
Submit Your World


This campaign aims to increase the brand awareness of TIME, especially in the Asia Pacific Region, for example, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore etc. It emphasizes the diversity of TIME by mentioning various categories it covers. Some of the categories are probably less known by the public, for example, Entertainment, World and Culture. This campaign also targets to enlarge the segment of younger audience who are 18 to 34 years old and active on social platforms.


TIME has always been a renowned and influential magazine in the world. Many people think that those who could make it to the cover of TIME, must be impactful to the society, even the whole world. However, TIME wants to tell people that, everyone has their chance to be on TIME’s cover, as they have their own story, and every story is unique and interesting which is worth sharing with others.

Moreover, TIME had created a promotional video before the campaign was developed. The video provided a general introduction and instruction for this digital campaign and was advertised through different media channels. Therefore, this campaign had to align with the video so that it could create the greatest effect.


Before making their own magazine, participants first need to connect their Facebook account. Then, they have to choose their location and their area of interest, including Technology, Ideas, Entertainment, World, Education, Health, Science and Culture.

The selection of different area of interest would create different template for participants’ magazine. The template is exactly the same as the one actually appears in TIME magazine. After participants have chosen their area of interest, they can select a picture from their Facebook album as the magazine’s cover photo. Then, participants need to put a video at the first page. The video could either be made by the participants themselves and was uploaded to Youtube, or participants might use their photos from Facebook to generate a video clip. Finally, the photos which are used at the rest of the pages would be randomly picked from participant’s Facebook album. When a magazine is created, participant can share it to friends and the magazine can be voted by others.


After the campaign period, 5 winners will be selected to win an Apple iPad Air 2 and a 108-issue TIME Magazine All Access (print + digital) subscription. And the following 30 participants will receive a 54-issue TIME Magazine Digital-only subscription.

The selection process focuses much on fairness. It is based on 4 criteria, the first one is Originality, Overall Video Concept, the second one is Relevance to the Theme set by TIME magazine which Is “Submit Your World”, the third one is The Story and Message behind the Video and the last one is Audience Appeal: the total votes received. Each criterion contributes 25% to the total score.

After the selection process, 35 winning videos have been selected. All of them are all truly outstanding and amazing. TIME combined them to create a masterpiece as a perfect end for this campaign!



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