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The ONE Website Revamp for One of a Kind Experience

The ONE, located at Tsim Sha Tsui, is an all-in-one retail complex developed by Chinese Estates Group in Hong Kong. To highlight its trendy, chic and cutting-edge image, Digital Marketing Agency Pixo Punch was appointed to revamp their official Website for a brand new user-experience.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Instead of flash-based, the new site is developed by HTML5, which makes it SEO-friendly and fully compatible with mobile devices. Apart from the desktop agent, the Website is now able to include tablet and mobile users to enjoy the new browsing experience. The increase of compatibility across different devices helps to improve the site traffic.

Fancy ‘Parallax’ Experience

The new Website has applied parallax effect at the front page to present the characteristics and features of the shopping mall. It tries to demonstrate the height of The ONE, where user can simply scroll down to explore all information from top to bottom. A rotating banner, featuring the latest promotion offers and events, is eye-catching to create clicks and views. The layout is designed with the 270-degree Victoria Habour view, which immediately attracts the user’s eye-balls at first glance.

The new user-experience and trendy image of The ONE revamped site attracted over 80,000 visits and over 280,000 page views in just 6 months after launch.

The ONE Official Website:

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