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Sun Life Financial: SunHealth Quest Mobile Application


This mobile app mainly aims to help Sun Life’s advisors start a conversation with potential customers. The app promotes Sun Life’s health and accident insurance in a softened and interesting way. It also raises customers’ concerns on illnesses and accidents and the consequences of having them.


This app tries to reduce customers’ nervousness about illnesses and accidents by giving them a virtual experience. In the game, accidents can occur anytime and customers may go through ups and downs at different life stages. After the game, it is easier for advisors to initiate a conversation with their customers and teach them how to expect the unexpected.


This application contains several sections. The main section is a mini-game. The game consists of 4 stages which simulate 4 life stages, namely Youngster, With Kids, Executive and Retired. When the game starts, character moves forward automatically. Objects such as obstacles and coins will randomly appear. To get over obstacles or obtain useful items, players need to tab on the screen to make their character jumps. Players’ objective is to get over all 4 stages.

The third section is “Facts and Statistics”. This part includes recent health information such as top cancer killers, costs of treatment etc.

In order to promote this app and arouse people’s interest, a campaign is created at Sun Life Financial Facebook page (Hong Kong, Philippine and Indonesia). Upon finishing the campaign, participants will receive a specific code. Participants can then enter the code in the app for prize redemption.

The mobile application is not only available in Hong Kong, but also in Philippine and Indonesia, for both iOS and Android users.


In Hong Kong, there are over 6,000 times of downloads in the first week after the App is launched.


Mobile Application (iOS – Hong Kong Version)

Mobile Application (Android – Hong Kong Version)

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