Sun Life International Dragon Boat Event:
Sunbeat Interactive Drumming Booth

Sun Life Hong Kong Event Installation:
Sunbeat Interactive Drumming Booth


Sun Life Hong Kong has title sponsored the “Sun Life Hong Kong Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships” for 8 years. This year, Pixo Punch was enlisted to enhance visitors’ on-site interactive experience and transform it to PR buzz.


With the idea of blending Chinese traditions with digital technologies, we tailor-made a digital drum machine that combined real traditional drums, competitive mini games, and slow motion video live recording. It encouraged visitors to experience how drummers cheer and motivate their paddlers on dragon boats.

Before the event day, we deliberately designed the promotion strategies to warm up the drum machine. The digital delight has been widespread over the online world via our viral video, Facebook wall game, advertisement placement and Facebook tab page. Users were asked to guess what game Sun Life Hong Kong would provide for visitors to play during the event.


Pre-event: Video Wall Game
Aligning with the local popular vlogger Miss Hunny, we created a hilarious video: What is Miss Hunny’s missing instrument? Once users left the correct answer “playing drums” on the Facebook wall game post, they would have chances to win a package of beach gears. The wall game was posted on the Sun Life Hong Kong official fan page and being strategically shared to Miss Hunny’s page, so as to get viral.

Event: Sunbeat Interactive Drumming Booth
Setting: 2 digitized real Chinese traditional drums and 2 TV screens
How-to-play: 1 or 2 players hit the drums as many times as possible in 30 seconds
Sunbeat: Unit of total hits on drums
Reward: Ice cream, souvenirs
Slow Motion Video: Game process of each player is captured and posted on a mini-site
Mini-site: Showcase all videos for players to download and share

Sunbeat: Promotion of the Positive Attitude
As every player contributed Sunbeats to the count, they were helping deliver the message of embracing the positive attitude. Meanwhile, this concept served well as the PR talking point, whereas the drumming booth was the publicity stunt.

Social Media: News Updates & Ad Planning
To better engage and communicate with users just like an event reporter, wall posts are updated before, during and after the event day. Online targeting advertisement spanning across Facebook was placed to boost the exposure of drumming booth.


The wall game drew over 2,500 new likes for Sun Life Hong Kong fan page. Besides, 701 players enjoyed the game and over 200,000 Sunbeats were recorded within the 8-hour event. Over 44,000 views of the videos. Certainly, it was a remarkable enjoyment of visitors, reinforcing the brand image of Sun Life Hong Kong.

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