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Speedo Hong Kong: Get Speedo Fit Facebook Campaign

Do you know how effective swimming is in keeping fit? Speedo is gonna tell you! As a well-known swimwear manufacturer, Speedo appointed Pixo Punch to launch a two-phase Facebook campaign to boost the sales and increase fans.

Informative game related to swimming

During phase 1, target audiences are informed about how the four swimming styles help train different parts of body and the benefits of it. Swimming-related accessories and coupons are used to encourage and motivate them. In turn, target audiences relate swimming health concepts with Speedo.

The first game on mobile using HTML 5 Accelerometer

During phase 2, a mini swimming game is presented on both desktop and mobile. When playing the game via mobile, all users have to do is to shake the mobile and stretch the hand. Thanks to our developer, this is a very convenient and interesting way to let users experience swimming any time anywhere.

Stickers as offline promotions

To make the campaign viral further, several stickers with the QR code are shown inside the Speedo shop in Jordan. The taglines shown on the stickers motivate customers to scan the QR code and to play the game. In turn, customers are supported to swim more. The brand image of Speedo is enhanced definitely.

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