Speedo Campaign: My Speedo Fit Goal

Speedo Campaign: My Speedo Fit Goal


This responsive photo uploading campaign aims to call for action of equipping with Speedo swim gear and going swimming regularly in summertime.


Swimming is among the most effective exercise that suits everyone to do especially in summer. Yet their goals and motivations of doing so may vary. Thus, Speedo invites audiences to set their own types of goal before sharing swimming-related photos for viral effect.


Participants are guided with clear and neat instructions showing 4 direct steps. After choosing the type of goal, they upload a photo and pick a customized filter effect out of 6 which bring out the mood of water sports, following  by writing captions and providing personal information.

To reward participants, uploaders and voters could win selected premium swim gear as well as cash coupons, driving traffic to offline shops for sales.


Thanks to the straightforward mechanism and relaxing theme, the result is impressive. While fans number increases by 3,414 during the period, the total number of vote amounts to 3,694 as well.



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