SOGO Rewards App and Website Development

SOGO Rewards App and Website Development


Being known as a one-stop Japanese styled shopping landmark, SOGO is committed to creating the best shopping experience for local and foreign shoppers. This project is a comprehensive digital development for SOGO Rewards Programme, in which Pixo Punch is appointed to develop a mobile application and a website.

Business Challenge

SOGO found it difficult to revamp its traditional CRM programme with the existing point of sales (POS) system. SOGO and their members expect to have a platform to handle member activities in one go.


SOGO Rewards is a new programme to nurture long-term relationships between SOGO and their members. The SOGO Rewards app is developed as a touch point for customers and helps integrate the SOGO CRM database with the POS system. Digital membership card is the core function of the app. With their digital membership card, members can enjoy instant rewards and earn points at SOGO’s cashiers. Members can also obtain cash coupons by scanning their membership QR code at concierges.

Our Role

Firstly, Pixo Punch crafted a user journey for the application, and then designed all the features based on UX research findings, web data analysis, app and web design trends, member registration journey findings and data flow designs. An API was then developed with POS and the database backend system.


All new features below are timely delivered. The app attracted 51,000 registrations in the first month and was ranked no. 75 on Apple Store Top Chart after its launch.

  • Mobile App and responsive design for registration website
  • Personalized content distribution
  • Member registration and login
  • Membership card
  • Points history
  • Message Center with push notification
Mobile App:



Registration Website