SOGO New Website Launch

SOGO New Website Launch


Being known as the one-stop Japanese styled shopping landmark, SOGO is committed to create the best and most ideal shopping experience for all local and foreign shoppers. To achieve, Pixo Punch was appointed to revamp both the main website and the thematic website for Thankful Week (感謝周年慶).

  • Enhance user experience
  • Provide a sole access to information of SOGO
  • Increase sales

The revamped main website is stunningly user-friendly and chic in style. With entire valuable information at users’ fingertips, such as the shop list, the floor plan and newly-opened shops, pre-shopping experience have never been so pleasant.

As the all-in-one platform, it also provides the most updated information on events and promotions so that customers would not miss any happenings.

Besides, both the responsive websites direct users to the social platforms of SOGO, enhancing the effect of synergy and better connecting with every existing and potential customer.


As for the main website, it impressively received about 213,600 page views from more than 51,270 viewers just in one month.

Another excellent result is from the website for Thankful Week. Since the launch of November 2013, it has generated about 1,795,700 page views from over 359,60 viewers, who got to know the special offers under clear categories.

The above mentioned figures show that visitors were greatly interested in viewing the new websites and contented with the upgraded online experience.

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