Sino Club Comprehensive Digital Revamp

Sino Club Comprehensive Digital Revamp


This project is a comprehensive digital revamp for the website of Sino Club and the development of a mobile app. Sino Club, the membership-based programme of Sino Group, is committed to forging long-term relationship with members. Sino Club connects and interacts with members through dynamic lifestyle activities encompassing art and culture, environmental care and community services as well as an array of exclusive privileges covering property, shopping, dining, hotel, parking, yacht club, storage etc. In order to enhance values and bring more convenience to members through the ever-growing digital platforms, Sino Group appointed Pixo Punch to have a comprehensive digital revamp for Sino Club.


The process of the whole digital revamp mainly consists of 2 parts. On one hand, a brand new website is built. On the other hand, a mobile app is developed. The design of the website and the mobile app adopts a luxurious but uncomplicated style which helps to present that the membership of Sino Club is valuable.

Before the revamp, the website did not have a proper organization for special offers. Now, all offers are categorized systematically. Year round offers and special promotions are shown separately. When users are browsing year round offers through the mobile app, the locations of the nearest stores will be displayed.

For member registration, the steps are now simplified and can be completed easily through the mobile app. Once users have finished registration, they will obtain a virtual membership card for enjoying exclusive privileges. For special events and activities, there is a calendar clearly showing all events and activities on any particular day. Events and activities can be managed more conveniently at the back end.

For mobile app users, they will receive push notifications for special promotions targeted at them, for example, parking discounts. Additionally, Pixo Punch is also responsible for the integration of the new CRM system as well as the SEO of Sino Club.

The website contains 3 languages, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. The responsive design of the website facilitates browsing from different devices. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS.


Mobile Application (iOS)
Mobile Application (Android)

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