Reenex HK Website Revamp

Reenex HK Website Revamp


The revamp of the Reenex HK website aims to turn itself into a responsive website and display a refreshing image to visitors. All important functions are kept after the revamp.


On the one hand, the website contains plenty of information. Videos are inserted to help display all the information clearly. Videos about the regeneration of collagen can be found in different parts of the website. Moreover, lots of animation and infographics are used for educational purposes.

On the other hand, about functions, visitors can sign up for a free trial at the landing page. Once they have filled in and submitted a form, they are eligible for the free trial. If visitors want to know more about collagen, there is a Collagen Q&A part. This part includes frequently asked questions about Reenex and the regeneration of collagen. Finally, there is also a “live chat” function. Visitors can ask questions and get official responses from Reenex.