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PARKnSHOP Mobile App, moves into m-commerce

PARKnSHOP Mobile App is the first supermarket m-commerce app on iOS and Android that provides mobile grocery shopping experience to Hongkongers.

Reaching the complete product range and promotions

Users can easily reach the tremendous product range which is available on the PARKnSHOP web site and keep updated on product information, prices, special offers and available stores. More users will be driven to online or physical stores by this app. Also the app creates a new channel for PARKnSHOP to spread promotions rather than using traditional promotion strategies.

The 4 Stunning Features

The app provides recipes for different cuisines, dish types and ingredients. Users can also buy all the suggested items for cooking simultaneously!

Shopping List

There are suggested shopping lists for regular grocery shopping and special promotions! Users can also create their own lists and synchronize with the ones created on the PARKnSHOP web site.

Barcode Scanner

Users can obtain information of different products by scanning the barcodes.


Users have direct access to their MoneyBack account through the app. They can check their MoneyBack points and enjoy exclusive discounts simply by one click!