Optical 88 Social CRM Campaign

Optical 88 Social CRM Campaign


As the Hong Kong’s largest network of eye-wear stores, Optical 88 aims to meet several business objectives at once, namely, to build the connection between the professional brand and target audiences, to create online WOM, and to integrate both online and offline users. Pixo Punch is here to help by offering a crafted O2O marketing solution.


To communicate with audiences effectively and regularly, we leverage on the social media network, which rapidly integrates into our everyday life. In doing so, we develop a Social CRM campaign with the hashtag of #eyecare4you, meaning that “Optical 88 cares for you” as well as “Optical 88 provides eye care for you”.


A responsive mini-site is built. The brand new character 88 bear becomes the main visual, while gentle colour tones are adopted.

With Facebook login, participants are open to complete 7 tasks at most on a daily basis.

The 3 types of tasks are as follows:
1) Social Actions, such as inviting friends, check-ins, and sharing videos after watching;
2) Education, including tips and tests of eye care;
3) Branding, they are, to say hello to 88 bear online and take photos with it at shops.

Points are given to participants and can be used to redeem a list of 5,000 prizes as they want.


About 7,000 unique users have joined the campaign and 5,500 new likes to the Facebook Page of Optical 88 and generating the viral effect within a month.