Ocean Park Summer Splash Mini-site Development

Ocean Park Summer Splash Mini-site Development


This mini-site aims to promote Ocean Park annual event – Summer Splash, which takes place from 1 July to 30 August. The mini-site is highly informative and contains plenty of animation so that visitors can absorb the information more easily.


Except a desktop version, this mini-site is also mobile-friendly. It contains 3 languages, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

Since Ocean Park cooperates with Line for the Summer Splash event this year, therefore the mini-site contains a lot of Line’s characters. There are several sections in the mini-site which contains detailed information about the event. 3 promotional video can be found which introduce this Ocean Park x Line event. There are also galleries in different sections to display photos at this Ocean Park event.

It is easy to spot that there are 3 QR codes in the mini-site. Each of them carries a different function. The first one allows visitors to download free stickers in Line Store; the second one allows visitors to enter a lucky draw; the third one allows visitors to add Ocean Park as a friend in Line and receive timely information.