Ocean Park Halloween 2015 Website

Ocean Park Halloween 2015 Website


The website development of Ocean Park Halloween serves for promoting the annual mega event and thus multiplying the amount of offline visitors.


To begin with, the device-friendly website provides superb user experience of perceiving the 15th anniversary theme at once. As the main visual image embraces users, the call-for-action button is always shown prominently, pushing them to purchase tickets.

In terms of design, the parallax scrolling mixes perfectly with several animation effects, for example, the interactive task on the page of H15 under Extreme Scream.

The highly informative website includes 3 different versions of language and sharing functions connecting 4 social media platforms, namely, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo. Lots of information is categorized into 7 sections on the menu and available here. In particular, users are invited to download the mobile app for better visiting experience.