MTR Facebook Campaign: Next Train app

MTR Facebook Campaign: Next Train app


The MTR Next Train app has been popular among the users with over 315k unique users. Decisions were made that the coverage of Next Train app would be extended to Tseung Kwan O Line and the train frequency be enhanced.

Pixo Punch was then appointed to draw public awareness and help achieve the download target of 420k through well-thought-out communication strategies.


The app’s user benefit demands none of words to explain: enabling users to manage time more easily as they know when trains would depart and arrive. It is wise to create situations for them to experience how helpful the app is.

The situations are easy: what will you be able to do if the train schedule is under control? Reloading Octopus? Having a coffee break? Withdrawing money from ATM? Shopping at MTR Shops? You name it.

Just play a easy mathematical and lifestyle game and users are convinced of the downloading need.


To create buzz both online and offline, in-train ads, online banner ads, print ads at AM730, and in app banners are placed.

Considering the nature of app, the  game are bound to mobile and tablet. Besides, to turn users into fans on Facebook Fan Page, they are invited to login Facebook before enjoying the game.

Reading the game instruction, users are getting ready for the game: the remaining arrival time of next train is given,  users are to choose combinations of different actions so as to fill up the time.

For example, the next train takes 2.5 minutes to arrive. Among the 6 given actions, users should select both icons of Grab A Drink (1.5 mins) and Reload Octopus(1 min) in order to proceed to the next situation.

After going through dozens of situations in 3 difficulty levels, users may be entitled to receive a $10 MTR Shops coupon by post if they fill in the form and share messages on Facebook.


As predicated, the campaign attained the objectives without a hitch. Over the campaign period from 22 Dec 2014 to 18 Jan 2015, over 2000 participants and nearly 10,000 unique visitors were recorded, generating around around 60,000 page views.

A substantial amount of users were being informed about the Tseung Kwan O Line extension and the enhancement of train frequency, thus downloading the app.

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