Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: VS Bomberman

Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: VS Bomberman


The campaign provides a comprehensive O2O journey to visitors of Metro City Plaza. Online fans will be attracted to come there while visitors will be converted into online fans of MCP. It helps boost online visits and foot traffic to the shopping and generate more traffic during summer holiday.


“Bomberman” has been a popular TV game. The game contains 2 modes, single-player and multiplayer. Single-player mode requires players to complete missions while multiplayer mode allows players to compete with others. Both modes have their own merits and this time MCP has merged them into one huge O2O event.

Online participants generally love to play games but are not willing to go offline, while offline participants do not feel convenient to go online and complete various tasks. Therefore, we created an online campaign which features the major characters from Bomberman to enhance the conversion and links up all the 5 game zones.


The whole event contains 6 games in total, while 5 of them are set up in MCP and one is a Facebook game. We created a digital E-Pass and visitors need to complete the Facebook game first in order to get it. The Facebook game is the key to integrate all the 5 offline game zones. After players finish the Facebook game and obtain their E-Pass, they can go to MCP to access the 5 game zones. Once they have finished a game there, their records will be updated accordingly.

In MCP, one of the 5 games is a digital installation. Two players start the game at the same time to compete with each other. Players can equip a tool which they got from the Facebook game to increase their chance of winning.

When players finish at least 4 games in MCP, they can redeem a limited Bomberman souvenir.


Starting from 15 July, within 7 weeks, there have been around 5,000 participants taken part in the online game. Nearly 3,500 gifts have been redeemed and more than 22,000 foot traffic is generated.

Besides, total engagement of Facebook fans achieved more than 20,000, creating around 5,400 new likes of the Facebook Fan Page and increasing more than 25% of fans.