Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: the bears' school

Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: the bears’ school


To create interactive O2O experience for shopping-goers and generate buzz as well as foot traffic to Metro City Plaza, Pixo Punch was appointed to develop a digital solution in which an online social campaign is also included.


The Japanese story book character the bears’ school will be in the spotlight for this campaign. Considering its popularity in Hong Kong, we would like to take this chance to raise the public awareness toward these lovely bears at the same time.

The first creative task is to build an online campaign so as to draw online fans to the event. As the bears’ school is about the life of 12 living bear cubs at the dormitory on the top of a mountain, the number of characters are rather significant. Would it be challenging but fun to help them all to take a group photo?

Other than the social game, the second creative task pops up: how can we better engage the mall visitors, who would be interested in funny, easy and rewarding experience. A digitized gashapon machine is the answer. Upon completion of the game, users can enjoy the machine and get one gashapon with incentives of the bears’ school inside. Having pleasant interaction, they are more likely to share the happiness with others, resulting in the viral effect.


The social game can simply be regarded as a photo-taking task. While the 12 living bear cubs are moving inside and outside the screen, users are given 15 seconds to try capturing a group photo, in which none of bear cubs are missing. Being compatible with different devices, the game can be played via desktop, mobile, and tablet. Users can have unlimited chances to play the game before successfully taking the group photo.

The prizes are in two-fold: thematic eCards and gashapon machine tickets. Sending eCards to friends, users can also access to the gashapon machine ticket in the form of unique QR Code via SMS, email, and the campaign site.

During the offline event, all participants have to do is to open the page of ticket and place it on the QR Code scanner machine. A credit will be added to the gashapon machine after the system verifies that it is a valid QR Code.

For shoppers who have not finished the social game, they can visit the campaign site via mobile devices, completing the photo-taking game and receiving the tickets instantly. The location-based solution effectively draws walk-in visitors to online.

What we do can be summarized into a sentence: to bring online traffic to offline, vice versa.


The digital solution is just flying with colors. Within 3 weeks, around 3000 social campaign participants and more than 2500 times of redemption were recorded, resulting in over 86% conversion rate from online participants to offline visitors.

Besides, since the social campaign has been launched, the total reach of the initiative amounted to around 600,000, while the total engagement achieved more than 13,500, creating ~3,000 new likes of the Facebook Fan Page and increasing more than 20% of fans.


A win-win result is attained: the general awareness of MCP and the bear’ school have been successfully raised, while the foot traffic has become online advocates of MCP.

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