L’Occitane Social Campaign: Immortelle Divine #TimeCanWait

L’Occitane Social Campaign: Immortelle Divine #TimeCanWait


To raise the public awareness towards L’Occitane’s latest anti-aging products, Divine Cream Mask and 28 Day Divine Renewal Program, Pixo Punch was appointed to take charge in creating a regional social campaign which spans across 4 different regions in Asia, namely, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.


Anti-aging has a close relationship with time. To emphasize the magical power of the ingredient – Immortelle, a flower that never fades, true story of the flower is told with the theme of #TimeCanWait.


A mini-site that perfectly caters both desktop and mobile users is built. The site not only contains a content tab that holds the information for L’Occitane’s Divine Cream Mask and 28 Day Divine Renewal Program, but also serves as a platform to educate and engage with the target audience and offer free samples.

During teaser phase, the user journey begins with a story-telling animation. Users are then invited to fill in personal information and entitled to redeem product samples at chosen stores. When it comes to launch phase, users are directed to a new tab asking simple questions of how they feel about the new product. User-generated results are shown as an infographic afterwards, providing strong reference for those who are new to the product.


Within a month, 5,100+ Hong Kong participants have joined the campaign and the total number of visits reached 69,000+.