Kiehl's Superwoman Social Campaign

Kiehl’s Superwoman Social Campaign


To raise modern smart women’s awareness towards Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream, to create online WOM, and to convert online exposures into sales opportunities, Pixo Punch is here to help by offering a thematic social campaign.


Busy modern women are required to finish multiple tasks in college, workplace or even at home. Therefore, they may own different types of skill that enable them to solve all the problems at once just like a superwoman. In fact, a superwoman needs back up as well, so does her skin. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream is the support she will need to meet multiple skincare needs. To further strengthen the visual impact, the brand cooperates with a local illustrator, Plastic Thing, to create lifestyle comics to highlight the “5-In-1 Solution” and “multitasking” product features.


A responsive campaign page is built. 4 types of superwoman are introduced to users after accessing to the campaign page: (1) Superwoman with multitasking ability in workplace, (2) Superwoman who manages all household matters , (3) All-round Superwoman in college, and (4) Kiehl’s ultimate superwoman who possesses all the traits of the above superwomen. Users can learn more about them from the daily scenarios illustrated by Plastic Thing.

Users are then invited to find out which characteristics of superwoman they own by triggering a slot machine and choosing the characteristics that best describe them. Users can not only be entitled to redeem product samples at selected Kiehl’s store after filling a form, but also can share the characteristics of their ideal superwoman. Grand prize will be given to best 3 answers.