Joy & Peace Hong Kong Website Revamp

Joy & Peace Hong Kong Website Revamp


The revamp of the Joy & Peace’s website aims to transform the website into a responsive one and enhance the information flow. All important functions are to be kept while content arrangement and user experience are the major focuses of this revamp.


Responsive design is applied on Joy & Peace’s website. It enhances the overall user interface and provides visitors with a perfect browsing experience through different devices. The website also adopts a scroll-down layout with the menu bar being fixed on the top, enabling visitors to navigate to different sections easily.

To ensure optimal content arrangement, contents are divided into five categories, including introduction to the brand, product details, corporate updates, membership and store location. Location-based shop list with map view is available on the website. Animations and effects are applied to make the browsing experience more pleasant.

Furthermore, social sharing functions are added. Visitors can share the website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat and it helps make the website viral in the social world.