IPSA Campaign - Perfect Match - 唇色絕配

IPSA Campaign – Perfect Match – 唇色絕配


This campaign aims to promote the recently launched IPSA Lipstick Luminizing Color series, as well as educating audience about the unique IPSA Humanizing Makeup concept.


Humanizing Makeup is a unique concept used by IPSA. It indicates that every woman should have her own combination of makeup colors. The new Lipstick Luminizing Color series has adopted this concept and consists of many colors suitable for women with different skin tones.

Through an interactive game, participants can have a chance to experience a humanizing makeup process by choosing their own skin tones and the colors of lipsticks.


This game simulates the humanizing makeup process. First, participant selects the color of her skin. Then, the Lipstick Luminizing Color series would be shown to her and the ones which fit her skin tone, would be highlighted for recommendation. Then, she can choose a recommended color or other color she wants. After that, a poster would be generated. The poster consists of a model with participant’s colors choices, and an intelligent quote about women’s makeup. She can share the poster on her Facebook. Finally, she can sign up to redeem a sample and have a humanizing makeup experience at an IPSA’s store.

This campaign also includes a product introduction page and a video clip. The video clip features experts from IPSA to thoroughly explain a humanizing makeup process.



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