IKEA Hong Kong 40th Anniversary Campaign

IKEA Hong Kong 40th Anniversary Campaign


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of IKEA Hong Kong, Pixo Punch was appointed to take charge in creating a campaign site. The campaign aims to raise awareness of a series of celebration events, say big thanks to consumers, share history of IKEA Hong Kong, and most importantly, engage with consumers.


With 40 years’ history in Hong Kong, IKEA is not just a store selling furniture. It grows up with HongKongers and provides products that meet their different needs. Shopping in IKEA is not just simply buying stuff, it’s an enjoyable leisure time with family and friends. IKEA is where their collective memories come from. Therefore, the main focus of the campaign is to recall and strengthen all these memories.


The responsive campaign site not only serves as a platform to provide all the happenings of IKEA’s 40th anniversary celebration, but also contains an interactive section to engage with consumers.

Phase 1
The stories behind IKEA’s top 10 classics are told. Users are encouraged to vote for their favorite one and share on facebook to get a chance to win a prize.

Phase 2
A “Snap & Win” instagram photo contest is launched. Users are invited to share their daily bits and pieces with IKEA by uploading an IKEA-related snap onto Instagram with the hashtag #IKEA40HK and @IKEAHongKong. 6 mega rewards are given to the winners.

The use of social media platforms in both phases results in tremendous online buzz with strong visual impact.


The total number of visits to the campaign site reached 60,000+, which were contributed by 50,000+ unique visitors in 18 days. 25,000+ votes were collected in phase 1 and 500+ photo submissions were received in phase 2.