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Hong Kong Airlines Facebook Campaign: Love Returns

Digital marketing agency Pixo Punch was appointed to develop a Facebook campaign, targeting to restore the reputation of Hong Kong Airlines and reinforce its brand positioning as “Fresh, very Hong Kong”. A mini-movie – Love Returns《還·愛》, featuring the local singing group, Shine, was set to be boardcasted on Facebook and YouTube. Audiences were also asked to submit preferred endings. Over 2000 new likes were created within 9 days and over 7000 page visits were made during the submission period.

Theme of love and romance

As the campaign targets youths of Hong Kong, the main theme of the movie is chosen to be love and romance, which are the matters the target group concerns most. Therefore, the campaign becomes more appealing to the target group. The cast of the singing group, Shine, makes the campaign even more compelling. Over 140,000 views of the mini-movie on YouTube channel were recorded. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIcKR4zi4Iw

Inviting audiences to write the ending with two endings ready

To engage audiences into the campaign, they are invited to participate in the movie by writing the movie ending. This innovative idea was firstly adopted, thus giving audiences fresh impressions. Moreover, two endings are prepared for the movie. Audiences can choose either one of them after watching it and a video page depending on their choice will be directed to.



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