Fortress: Corporate Website Revamp

Fortress: Corporate Website Revamp

The original Fortress website faced problems such as extremely weak branding, not good performance on usability and promotions at that time. As a result, Pixo Punch was appointed to revamp FORTRESS website to transform it into an online trendy platform with intelligent features, and to improve user experience including social media connectivity and search-ability to drive customer to stores.

Unlike the original website, the revamp website integrated with multi-platforms formed a closed loop as digital strategies to gain best effect. First, use multi-connections to reach users, then drive traffic online through corporate website or mobile app, next, drive traffic to stores, and the following is social sharing. Due to the coincidence between the marketing process and user social behavior, these 4 steps could help Fortress achieve high flow in store.

To solve the problems in that situation, firstly Pixo Punch redesigned the website layout for the target audience (mainly Mainlander) in mild manner, through which advantages were also strengthened including high awareness, professional advice and comprehensive store network.

Plus, following latest digital trends and strong points from competitors, a better user experience was created, including to improve the identity and usability through big visual and brand image, to enhance navigation flow and content arrangement through a clear and simple website interface, to strengthen search-ability on product sorting etc.

Certainly, connectivity was also advanced on social media and other platforms, including Facebook, Tweeter and Google Plus, allowing users to share, send to their friends or on their social media wall as well as like the gift.

Within one month, the revamp website received about 262,000 unique visitors and total 1,669,000 page views, with approximately 10% increase for the former compared with the old website. What’s more, it has successfully accumulated and converts the users to social media fans. It helped boost fans of Fortress Facebook fan page and Weibo, also the subscribers of YouTube, delivering coincident engaging consumer experience.

Ultimately, the website functions have been strongly improved, more importantly, Fortress brand identity and usability have been well delivered through user engagement and interaction on website and social media platform.

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