Clinique 3-step Social Campaign

Clinique 3-step Social Campaign


With the subtle product promotion of 3-Step Skin Care,  the global professional beauty brand promotes the tagline “Face Forward” all over the world. The experienced digital agency Pixo Punch was appointed to take charge of telling the story to female customers in Hong Kong. A social campaign is drafted as a mini-site to draw public attention.


The hero product set is nothing new to the HK customers. Therefore, we try to adopt the model of Marketing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Instead of simply selling the product features (1.0) and the genuine user experience (2.0), we illustrate the belief and adhered value of Clinique, Face Forward. The stories and sharing of KOLs are aimed to inspire general users, who are encouraged to step forward on their own (3.0).


With Facebook login, users are able to view the responsive mini-site via different devices. Then users watch 1 of the 4 15-second videos about the 4 young female celebrities: TAVI, JO YEON WON, MARGARET ZHANG, and HANNAH BRONFMAN. They speak less but insightfully in the videos, interpreting the life of Face Forward. Being inspired and encouraged, users can choose 1 out of 4 quotes as their promise and feedback.

Users then can view the descriptions of 3-Step Skin Care and the cleaning brush. To fill in personal information and share the mini-site with friends via Facebook, users are entitled to redeem product samples at chosen stores, completing the O2O user journey.


Within a month, the total visits accounted for over 120,000, which were contributed by 17,000 participants.