Great interactive marketing campaign with NFC and Facebook

Great interactive marketing campaign with NFC and Facebook

Wondering how to effectively integrate brand event with Facebook? Here is one classic case, the city’s most fashionable crew gathered at Central/Central’s 2nd Anniversary Party on Oct 11, a grand occasion that the whole store was fully packed with delights and widely well spread online by participants! All they have to do is wear a wrist band that they are given when checking in and match it up with their Facebook profile with NFC equipment in three games.

Shop on wall

It was a matchmaking game in 4 x 4 Sudoku. After activating NFC equipment, with a leap motion capture device, players were able to use only hands as remoter to play this matchmaking game in a giant screen far away. Once the game was finished, a live message was posted on your Facebook to announce player’s status. It was totally a fantastic O2O game connecting offline actions and online movement.

Photo booth

This second game focused on social expression, each player was allowed to take a photo with stylish props and chic background then shared such wonderful holiday moments on Facebook status. All they have to do was to use the wrist band when checking in with NFC equipment and match it up with Facebook profile.

Treasure hunt

There were five devices placed in different shops and encourage guest to shop around. Each player could get a big lucky draw chance when he or she found and activated two out of them, and the enthusiastic atmospheres was quickly delighted and lasted till end!


CC’S success was contingent on its digital partner Pixo Punch’s support from new play. The was a live event online that every time players swiped, it instantly updated their status, keeping their friends up to date in real time. The fanatical participations brought in numerous media interview and report, but it was yet far less than the social effect. Within short two hours, the event held more than 250 participants, each uploaded more than 1.5 photos on Facebook, which has created instant viral effect and it has been increasing!

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