Bioderma X Din-Dong: A Cute & Interactive Campaign

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Bioderma X Din-Dong: A Cute & Interactive Campaign

Pixo Punch was recently appointed to plan and implement a facebook campaign for the famous skincare brand Bioderma to further raise awareness for its hero product – Bioderma Sensibio H2O makeup remover.

Cute Design with Girls’ Best Friend Din-Dong

The target group of this campaign is young ladies; thus collaboration with lovely Din-Dong is a wise choice to make the campaign more appealing and intriguing to the target group. The visual design not only showcases the key characters of the product but also combines Din-Dong’s cuteness, which in turn provides an enjoyment for campaign participants.

Simple Interactive Mechanism to Boost Sales

The campaign mechanism was designed to attract new customers and retain existing fans by simple questions and sample redemption. Participants can also invite friends to play the game and gain points to redeem prizes. Through sample redemption and coupon offerings, this campaign would successfully boost offline sales. It’s a win-win means to combine online interactions with offline activities smoothly and effectively.


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