Zurich Easter Promotion Page

Zurich Easter Promotion Page


This promotion page aims to promote 8 Zurich accident and medical insurance plans to the public on a digital platform.


Those 8 accident and medical insurance plans are all very diverse. They focus on different target groups and have different purposes. Therefore, those plans do not have much in common. In order to promote these plans to the target audience, we tried to adopt a face-to-face interview approach to help target audience find their most suitable plans.


When visitors browse this page, they will see different questions and the questions are related. When visitors answer a question, they will be directed to the next one. After answering several questions, they will be leaded to the most suitable accident or medical plan.

Although we tried to help visitors find their most suitable plan, all 8 plans are still shown in the same page, which ensures that visitors can look at other plans whenever they want.

The page adopted responsive design, which facilitates browsing through different mobile devices. The visual design used a rather simple style, so that visitors will not get confused when they look at different insurance plans simultaneously.

During that period, when visitors apply for any insurance plan, they will enter a lucky draw that may get them 2 flight tickets to Zurich.




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