Watson’s Wine Launched a New Website

Watson’s Wine Launched a New Website


Watson’s Wine is the largest specialist wine retailer in Hong Kong, listing over 2,000 wines from around the world and offering Hong Kong’s growing wine market an extensive range of vintages. Watson’s Wine wanted to improve its official website and provides better navigation to its users. Therefore, it appointed Pixo Punch to revamp its website.


The original website was not user-friendly enough and the design was monotonous. Pixo Punch tried to align the style of the website with the design of the physical store. Pixo Punch made the website more colourful and the combination of colours and style that matched the tone of the physical store, so it helps to keep the attention of users while browsing.


To further improve the website, Pixo Punch adjusted the size and position of different components in the website, for example, main banners, search bar etc. Without altering main functions, Pixo Punch still managed to improve user experience of the website.
After the revamp, the website has turned over a new leaf. Pixo Punch believes that with all the improvement made, Watson’s Wine website can now displays a grand and easy-browsing image to users.



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