Vichy Promotional Video:

Vichy Promotional Video:


This video aims to promote Vichy Aqualia Thermal product series by filming the process of 2 young female celebrities drawing a painting for each other.


Keeping skin hydrated is an important criteria for beauty. Besides regular skin care procedures, it requires extra steps to maintain perfect water balance in skin. Perfect balance requires appropriate products with right amount applied.

And this concept matches with the idea of painting. The balance between water and colour are critical elements while painting. Too much water would damage the paper and lack of water would make it very hard to draw.


Since the video is an online video, the length and its content are relatively more flexible and therefore has more room for creative. This video features 2 young female celebrities, Michelle and Kathy. They have been good friends after several times of cooperation in movies. In this video, they are asked to draw a painting for each other. During painting, they faced different challenges, for example, adding too much water to the pigment which almost broke the paper. However, they still managed to finish the drawings and give them to their good friend.

During the whole video, the Vichy Aqualia Thermal product did not appear until the last few seconds. Although this video did not feature the product, it still could introduce the concept of “balance of water level” to viewers.


Over 100,000 view rate on Youtube in 2 weeks.

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