Vichy Aqualia Thermal Facebook Campaign (挑戰均勻水潤.齊做潤物女!)

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Facebook Campaign (挑戰均勻水潤.齊做潤物女!)


The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the launch of the hero product from Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum.


Inspired by the buzzword “Himono-Onna” (「乾物女」), a new term 「潤物女」 is created. Participants are suggested to become a 「潤物女」, that is, to become “hydrated” for both their life and skin.


The campaign consists of 3 tiers. The first tier is to test which type of Himono-Onna (「乾物女」) the participant belongs to. The second tier is to let the participant makes a promise that she rejects to become a Himono-Onna. The last tier is about participants being reborn after having a hydrated life and skin. At the last tier, participants are also encouraged to give a hydrating kiss to their friends in order to share this campaign.


There are total 13,159 participants and extra 3,597 new likes have been found during this period. Total page view attains 87,935.


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