Vichy Campaign: Ideal White Series

Vichy Campaign: Ideal White Series


This campaign aims to promote Vichy Ideal White product series in an interactive approach. It also provides free product trial to participants so that they would have a first person experience on Ideal White.


Idea White is a new product series which improves 7 major skin problems, including increasing ruddiness of skin, luster of skin, transparency of skin, keeping skin hydrated, improving darkness of skin, dark spots and making skin colour even.

Since those 7 problems are faced by many women in Hong Kong, mentioning all of them in the campaign could impress the participants and attract them to register for product trial.


The campaign consists of 3 parts. The first part is registration. When participants enter this part, they need to select 3 of the 7 major skin problems they want to improve most. After that, they need to fill in personal information, and then they can redeem a product sample.

The second part is Idea White product series introduction. All Ideal White products are displayed with detailed description. Participants can browse and look for their suitable products here.

The final part is users’ sharing. After participants have used Ideal White products, they can submit products reviews to this campaign. Their reviews are displayed so that others can really have a chance to look at actual users’ sharing. 10 participants who submit the best reviews will be selected by Vichy to receive Ideal White product series.



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