VICHY Campaign: Beauty, No Retouch

VICHY Campaign: Beauty, No Retouch


This campaign aims to introduce the newly launched VICHY Idealia Essence, and offer free sample to participants.


There are 5 main “enemies” to ladies’ skin, i.e. lack of sleep, stress at work, environmental pollution, UV light and dry air. Those factors affect much on ladies’ skin, and therefore many ladies tend to use photo retouching software after taking photos.

By introducing participants the 5 main “enemies” and the VICHY Idealia Essence, they no longer need the retouching software to beautify their photos.


This campaign consists of 2 main missions and 1 users’ sharing part. The first mission requires participants to identify their biggest concern among the 5 main “enemies” and then choose their ideal skin type. After participants have obtained the sample of VICHY Idealia Essence and had a 1-week trial, they can start mission 2. Mission 2 requires participants to upload a photo of themselves and write down their feelings about VICHY Idealia Essence. Among all submissions, 80 participants are selected to take part in a 28-day in-depth trial of VICHY Idealia Essence and receive a grand prize.

The users’ sharing part gathers all reviews from participants. For those who do not take part in the campaign, they can still visit the website to gain information about the product.


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