TSL WeChat Campaign: Moments of Love

TSL WeChat Campaign: Moments of Love

  • Promote the TV commercial accordingly
  • Encourage users to follow the newly established WeChat account
  • Enhance engagement of target audiences on WeChat

With the new branding TV commercial being unveiled, we tend to make a difference on developing the WeChat campaign, which echoes with the overall theme though.

Thinking of the timing, it is perfect in that the campaign period spans across the Valentine’s Day. We simply invite lovers to express their love with each other via sending a unique eCard in our WeChat campaign. Here comes our creative concept: Be thankful for your Perfect Love!

Like general eCard ideas do, users can write messages and upload photos, but they are not limited to. Instead, they can submit the time being with another, then we convert the time into another meaningful units, such as the amount of sunrise and sunset. A moving moment has just been created.

To further enrich the idea and engage more target audiences, we even welcome users to send eCards to their friends and family.


Owing to the nature of WeChat campaign, users are bound to join it via mobile. After following the WeChat account of TSL, users are directed to the mini-site. To start, users have to complete the form page.

Choosing “family”, “friends” or “lover”, they enter own and another’s name, the duration of being with one another, and what they want to say. As mentioned above, it is optional to upload a photo, which will be used as the eCard background. Otherwise, a branding default photo is adopted.

One click and a few seconds afford users an exquisite tailor-made eCard. They are motivated to share it with friends on WeChat as some prizes are given to the five submissions with the highest votes. The other prizes are determined by TSL, who judges the creativity and relevance of submissions.


The campaign has successfully crafted a pleasant mobile experience for the fans both from China and Hong Kong. In about a month, over 6590 fans from China and around 1800 fans from Hong Kong were increased. The campaign greatly contributed to the uplift of follower amount of the new WeChat account of TSL, adding a milestone of the account. Surely, the campaigns later on will leverage on the current followers’ base.


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