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Classic Reborn

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    Classic Reborn

Solvil et Titus TVC Viral by Social Media:
Classic Reborn

Could Classic reborn? Since 90s, every long TVC of Solvil et Titus “鐵達時” would create overwhelming word of mouth even though internet or social media did not come into an advent. It’s one of the most important collective memories of Hong Kong. Last night (1st Dec, 2011), a new set of 2 minute Solvil et Titus TVC has been launched featuring an impressive story of a girl “雜物小姐” who sold items related to her ex-lover, meanwhile the shop owner “拾芳者” fall in love with her. One of exceptional highlights is that the TVC has featured the classic Cantonese song of Anita Mui “梅艷芳”.

Digital Agency Pixo Punch was appointed by City Chain (時間廊) the brand owner of “Solvil et Titus” to develop a Facebook campaign and revamp the website to further extend the viral effect of the TVC over the internet, target to promote the brand through social media for creating another legend.

Exclusive versions of the TVC

“Besides the 2-min version, the Facebook fan page would provide the 4-minute full version and 3 different 30 sec version over the internet exclusively.” Ben Woo, Project Director of Pixo Punch said. Fans have a chance to win a Solvil et Titus watch by leaving comments about the TVC with no more than 140 words in the fan page, with the title: guess after 3 years, whether the girl would sell her watch which representing her ex-lover. The judging criteria include 40% from public voting and 60% from judging panel.

Micro-blogging Campaign drives Buzz

140 wording limit, which is called “Weibo Style” or “micro-blogging style”, is the most usual and comfortable way for netizens to express their personal feelings. “To our surprise, most of the netizens fully utilized the wording limit to compete against with each other, which their behavior is quite different with campaigns hosted by other brands.” Ben Woo added. It shows that the TVC is a great success. Compared to 90s, nowadays TVC is having social media as their viral channel and those user-driven contents have lengthened the lifecycle of the TVC. The 24/7 nature of fan page could fill up the broadcasting gap. The most important is that, a 4 min commercial can be realized on the fan page without the constraints of the TV broadcasting time limit.
The website layout is TVC visual oriented and developed with parallax effect, which is also supported by printed ad and portal banners.

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