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Sino Group of Hotels: The Pottinger Hong Kong


Pixo Punch was appointed to construct a website for The Pottinger Hong Kong, a newly built hotel in Central. Since Central was a very special place where East met West and New met Old, therefore the design and the content of this website contained the fusion of these four elements.Besides the description of the hotel, the website included plenty of information about the Central district. When users were browsing on the website, they could obtain information about dining, shopping, entertainment, art & culture, business and transportation in that area. Moreover, the website contained instruction to assist tourists to plan their trip, information such as festivals, nearby attractions and travel information were provided. All those information were great helps to tourists since they might not have prior understanding about Central or Hong Kong.

Concept & Execution

Before constructing the website, Pixo Punch had invited different parties to take part in this project. Photographer and film director Fan Ho was invited to share his valuable black & white photos about Central which were taken in the 60s. Those photos provided users a chance to look at the old Hong Kong. Illustrator Paul Wang was invited to help demonstrate what Central looked like. His watercolour paintings drew about the street views in Central. Students from the Hong Kong Design Institute were invited to visit the area around the hotel and feel its unique atmosphere. They then used their experiences to develop a range of fresh, colourful festive illustrations. The art pieces demonstrated what people at different ages thought about Central. The art pieces could be found in the Gallery part of the website.To provide a better understanding of the old Hong Kong to the younger generation or tourists, the website contained a Stories section. The Stories section consisted of three parts and the first part was “The First and The Earliest”. This part contained interesting information about Central, for example, the first road, the first police station and the first Chinese-owned department store. The second part was “Neighborhood” and it contained a detailed description about the hawker stalls in Pottinger Street. The final part was “Old Hong Kong Glossary”. It presented many old and interesting Cantonese terms with pictures and clear explanations. In this part, many hand-drawn pictures were used. It further enhanced the sense of New, Old, East and West fusion.In order to provide the best user experience, the website had a different version when browsed via mobile devices. Users could navigate the website conveniently with their phones or tablets.Besides focusing on the structure and design of the website, search engine optimization was adopted in order to make the website popular. The contents of the website were sophisticatedly written and included many key words. It helped to make the website more easily searched by search engines. Teaser page and Facebook page were also published before the website was launched and they successfully drew attention from the public.


Within a very short period of time, The Pottinger Hong Kong website became the first result displayed when “the pottinger” was searched in the Google search engine. Additionally, more than 4,800 people ‘liked’ The Pottinger Hong Kong on Facebook.