Regal Hotels Launches New Website

Regal Hotels Launches New Website


Regal Hotels was committed to exceeding the needs of each and every guest and this commitment extends to its online service. Therefore, Pixo Punch was appointed by Regal Hotels to revamp its website, including Regal Hotel International Group website and individual hotel website, for this purpose. It was expected that the new website would be not only designed to fulfill its customers’ informational requirements, it also provided a platform for Regal hotels to showcase its offerings, connect with our customers, and leverage its own booking engine in offering special promotions.

Concept & Execution

The newly revamped Regal Website featured a contemporary and innovative design, simple navigation and enhanced functionality that encouraged visitors’ interaction. Additionally, customers got friendly offerings that the “Guest Information Section” showcased the state-of-art properties, luxurious rooms and suites as well as unrivalled facilities of Regal Hotels whereas the “Corporate Information Section” focused on providing visitors information of the Company. On functionality, the online reservation process has also been enhanced which allows visitors to search hotel by their requirements, of course, visitors could also view live weather update and located hotels using the interactive map.


With all efforts, in one month’s period, the revamp website received about 185,000 visits, which was 25% raise compared with the old website, it could be an excellent result in the industry. The regal hotel successfully gained the good performance from the start, showing visitors were in great interest of visiting the new website and deeply satisfied with the experience in it.


Project Information