PUYI Hong Kong Website Revamp

PUYI Hong Kong Website Revamp


Pixo Punch was appointed by PUYI Hong Kong, a luxury eyewear boutique, to revamp their official website to enhance user experience while browsing with different devices.


In order to provide a clearer navigation flow, a clean menu, footer and sitemap are added for the website. The layout design is a long-scrolling one while the menu bar is fixed at the left side. Large trendy images are put on the homepage, creating a luxurious and stylish overall tone.

Content is categorized into different groups so that it can be managed more easily. Search bar is added and visitors can search products by brand names, categories, shapes and even materials. Shop list alters according to visitors’ preferences for brands and districts. Last but not least, visitors can now enjoy PUYI’s premium services of reserving preferred products and booking an eye examination through the website.