Optical 88 Summer Campaign

Optical 88 Summer Campaign


As Hong Kong’s largest network of eye-wear stores, Optical 88 also takes on the responsibiliy of educating the public about eye care knowledge.  This campaign aims at strengthening its caring brand image and delivering eye care tips. Pixo Punch is here to help by offering a crafted marketing campaign in Summer 2016.


The brand character 88 Bear has been well known of his helpfulness and knowledge in eye care. This Summer, he is giving out a challenge in which participants have to take a quiz about eye care knowledge to become his assistant.


A campaign site is built and designed to cater for both desktop and mobile users.
Participants are invited to take a quiz of 10 questions. To utilize the interesting and well-made TVCs of Optical 88, not only does the quiz include eye-care questions, but also video-type questions which help maximize the exposure of the TVCs to target audience. Prizes are given to encourage repeated visits. The site also offers a sharing function on facebook, creating strong viral effect.


More than 17,000 unique users have joined the campaign and around 1,800 new likes for Optical 88’s facebook fan page were earned within a month.