NEO DERM Campaign: Christmas e-Card Production

NEO DERM Campaign: Christmas e-Card Production


This campaign aims to enhance the brand image of Neo Derm. Participants can create an e-Card and send it to friends.


As Christmas was approaching, Neo Derm would like to create a meaningful Christmas campaign for their fans. The campaign is expected to provide a chance for participants to deliver a surprising Christmas gift to their friends, and allowing participants to create their own e-Cards is a suitable solution.

Some e-cards do not allow any customization, but not this one. In this campaign, participants are free to upload photos of themselves or their friends, to customize their own e-cards. After production, participants have several ways to share the e-cards, depending on how they want to surprise their friends!


This campaign can be accessed through smartphones or desktop computers. When participants enter the campaign, they can upload up to 3 photos of themselves or friends of them. Then, an animated video clip would be generated automatically. The 3 pictures would become the “faces” of 3 moving cartoon characters in the video clip. Together with the Christmas theme background music, the video clip would definitely be a great Christmas present for friends.

After production, participants could choose to share the video clip on Facebook, or through e-mail or even WhatsApp. Then, participants could fill in personal details for sample product redemption.



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