Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: PomPomPurin&Family貴族聖誕

Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: PomPomPurin&Family貴族聖誕


To create buzz, increase visits and thus boost foot traffic to the shopping mall, Metro City Plaza targets to hold a months-long PomPomPurin&Family-themed Christmas exhibition spanning across November and December in its atrium. We are appointed to attain the goals by offering an online-to-offline digital solution.


Given that the famous Japanese cartoon characters PomPomPurin(布甸狗) catch lots of attention from the public, it is sensible for us to put the creative of focus on them. A delightful, funny and easy-to-play Facebook game is needed to serve as a gateway and draw online target audiences to the event. Meanwhile, since online users are invited to share their game results online, the amount of people being reached surges.

Apart from the Facebook game which helps create buzz and visits, we put forward another crucial issue — how can we enhance the visiting experience and even direct visitors to online? A digital claw machine is the tool to solve. As for audiences who have completed the Facebook game, it allows them to enjoy the clawing game as rewards. At the same time, the machine acts as the customer touch point for shoppers who have not played the Facebook game or have not even been noticed of the event.


The Facebook game features a maze where PomPomPurin lost the way. The participants, who can control the characters by arrow keys if visiting the website via desktop PC or by the application of accelerometer if visiting via mobile, are tasked to control PomPomPurin to find out all 3 friends and reach the exit of maze within the limited time. A catcher machine ticket, in the format of  a unique QR Code, will be rewarded once participants pass the maze successfully. The participant can get the ticket via SMS and email as well as by accessing the campaign site.

Coming over to the catcher machine at Metro City Plaza, the participant just has to open the page of ticket and place it under the QR Code scanner machine. A credit will be added to the catcher machine after the system verifies that it is a valid QR Code. To have better user experience, no QR Code scanning mobile app and manual verification are required in the process.

Other shoppers are considered, too. They can visit the campaign site by mobile devices, completing the maze game and receiving the tickets instantly. Offline visitors are perfectly engaged through the location-based solution and drawn to online.

In brief, we bring online traffic to offline, vice versa.


The O2O digital solution enjoyed a great success. Within the 8-day event, over 6000 social campaign participants and more than 4500 times of redemption were recorded, resulting in over 70% conversion rate from online participants to offline visitors.

Besides, since the social campaign has been launched, the total reach of the initiative amounted to around 540,000, while the total engagement rate increased from 4% (as in the previous month) to 10%( nearly 30,000 fans) with 80% increase of fans of the page after the campaign ended.

Among the participants, around 50% obtained the credits of playing the catcher machine by scanning the QR code posted around the machine or typing the shorten link and completing the Facebook game instantly. Another 35% got noticed of the campaign from online channels, including paid posts and wall posts, both paid and organic. In addition, the Facebook auto share function contributed to the viral effect and delivery of the campaign message to players’ friends.


Unlike traditional Facebook campaign which normally directs users to stores for redemption with no further engagement, this O2O solution takes the initiative to interact with users on site. Meanwhile, offline visitors are converted to online fans. As a whole, the online buzz and offline visits multiply substantially, enhancing the corporate and brand image of Metro City Plaza.

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