Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: Mr Potato Head (特薯大任務)

Metro City Plaza O2O Solution: Mr Potato Head (特薯大任務)


In Christmas 2015, Metro City Plaza(MCP) cooperated with Mr. Potato Head, the famous cartoon character, to host an thematic event. In order to create awareness online, attract foot traffic to the mall and engage with visitors, Pixo Punch was appointed to craft an O2O solution for MCP.


Mr. Potato Head’s story begins with an accident. He lost his body parts accidentally in the laboratory. Participants are invited to register online to get an e-pass and visit the laboratory in MCP to save him by finding all his missing pieces.


Pixo Punch has created a campaign site on which participants can watch an animation of the unfortunate story of Mr. Potato Head. By simply filling in a form, participants will get a passcode so that they can enter the laboratory in MCP and help save him.

A game installation is built and set in MCP. After entering the passcode, participants can enjoy an exciting game in which they need to hit the corresponding colored buttons according to the instruction shown on the screen to collect Mr. Potato Head’s body parts. Photo is taken during the game and a animated video will be generated. Participants can share the video to facebook, resulting in strong viral effect.


Throughout the campaign period, 2,700+ online registrations were made and 2,400+ participants have joined the game on-site. The campaign successfully attracted 4,400+ new likes for MCP’s facebook fan page, which is a 20% growth in the number of fans. The total reach amounted to 960,000+ and the engagement rate achieved was 25,000+.