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Mane ‘n Tail Social CRM Campaign:


Launched in July 2015, this campaign mainly aims to raise public awareness of the concept “頭髮急急長”. Participants are engaged through social media. And the campaign contains 2 phases which include various missions for participants to complete and gain scores.


“頭髮急急長” is the key concept of this entire social CRM campaign. This concept does not seem to have direct association with the brand itself, but Mane ‘n Tail’s products indeed help nurture hair and enhance hair growth. In the CRM campaign, all missions are, to certain extents, related to this concept.


This campaign can be accessed through desktop computers and mobile devices, and it requires member log in. Participants can log in with their Facebook accounts. Once they have logged in, they can start to complete different missions to accumulate scores for prize redemption.

During phase 1, there are 5 missions, which include sharing “long-hair” quotes on Facebook, watching Mane ‘n Tail’s TVC, watching a short movie, inviting friends and uploading photos about “long-hair”.

When phase 2 begins, 3 more missions will be added, including a mini game, a discussion forum and a voting activity which more focusing on engaging with participants.

Each mission contains different scores, for example, inviting friends contains 20 points while uploading photos contains 50 points. Participants can choose to finish any missions they want to accumulate scores for prize redemption.

About the prizes, there are 20 items in the campaign, including Mabelle $1000 cash coupon, necklace from Tiffany & Co., Buffet coupon etc. Once participants accumulate enough scores and the prize is still in stock, they are free to redeem it.

This social CRM campaign successfully boost up the  brand awareness on social platform (Facebook viral and Instagram content) and YouTube video view rate in a short period.