L'Oréal Paris Multimedia Promotion

L’Oréal Paris Multimedia Promotion


This multimedia promotion aims to promote L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Aqua Essence by arousing target audiences’ interest. An online promotional video was the main promotional tool, together with banners in MTR stations, digital banners at forums, Facebook page management etc.


Filming a promotional video was the main promotional tool because the video could help highlight important functions of the product directly and easily. Online promotional videos are also more flexible since multiple versions with different lengths can be made and put at different promotional channels.


The promotional video featured 3 female celebrities, Ella Koon, Regen Cheung and Shiga Lin, as the main characters. The video utilized optical illusions to highlight several important functions of the product. Various versions of the videos were created and put at different platforms, such as local news website.

Apart from online platforms, the video could also be watched in MTR stations and on buses. Printed materials such as banners could also be found in MTR stations and bus stops.

On Facebook, several types of wallposts were created, including celebrities’ experiences, product features and special promotions. Those wallposts mainly attract young female customers to read and share.

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