L'Occitane Facebook Campaign: Illuminating Journey

L’Occitane Facebook Campaign: Illuminating Journey


To arouse the public awareness towards the latest whitening product of L’Occitane, Reine Blanche, Pixo Punch was appointed to take charge in creating a regional social campaign before, during and after the product launch.

The social campaign spanned across 6 different countries and places in Asia, namely, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Korea. Certainly, WOM on social media, O2O, and sales were catered.


In spite of the fame of L’Occitane, as a brand new product originated from France, it is rather hard for Asian customers to know Reine Blanche well. The first step is to educate them on the product through a compelling approach, whereas the concept must be general and adoptable to different cultures.

The most common practices of social campaign among beauty brands are relatively boring: simple online interaction for offline sample redemption, which is followed by online sharing. It is now time to make a difference by injecting the juice of storytelling and creativity into the campaign.

Instead of directly introducing the product by promoting its name and scientific-proven efficacy, we prefer to create a sense of mystery for users: they are being ushered to a virtual world of illumination, exploring and at last discovering the whitening essence, that is, Reine des Prés.

While users are getting familiar with the product, we leverage KOLs and POLs (Public Opinion Leaders) in different regions to express their opinion and experience on whitening, amplifying the WOM effect. Audiences are given chances to be one of them by sharing their own views.

All in all, an illuminating journey is devised for every Asian woman.


The campaign consists of 2 phases. During the phase 1, users are invited to touch the swinging petals in the wind to start the illuminating journey. A grand invitation card will then be given.

Learning the french pronunciation of the word “Reine Blanche”, users are being asked a question: how would you interpret Reine Blanche? No matter which answer users choose, including Essence of Beauty, Flower of Light, or White Queen, they are directed to read a catchy but illustrative summary describing the comprehensive nature of Reine Blanche.

After filling in the form, users will be able to redeem sample at shops, which is considered the bridge between the phase 1 and phase 2.

In the phase 2, having experienced the whitening power of Reine Blanche, users are encouraged to give comments on it or mention anything popping up in their minds when it comes to whitening. Writing a few words, uploading a photo, or both. It is up to users. The best sharing selected by L’Occitane wins the series of Reine Blanche.

Meanwhile, interview videos of several local celebrities and advocates, for example, artist Ivana Wong and wedding photographer Ben, are being shown on the Facebook tab and the YouTube channel of L’Occitane HK, where users can watch the videos as well as share with friends online, creating viral effect.

To draw sales, online users are not only be converted to foot traffic of L’Occitane shops, but also be directed to the page of online shop. In other words, users will be smoothly pushed to purchase Reine Blanche throughout the journey.


The pan-Asia campaign has swimmingly achieved the objectives. When it comes to the figures of the Hong Kong part, within a month, the total visits accounted for over 50,000, which were contributed by 32,468 unique visitors.

While there were over 10,000 participants during the phase 1, the extended social media sharing function introduced in the phase 2 greatly enabled participants to spread the campaign out. Apart from Facebook, participants can share the campaign message via Instagram, Line, and WhatsApp.

In terms of social media, the campaign generated about over 2,600 new likes on the Facebook Fan Page and created around 1,200,000 reach. A substantial amount of online users was told about the launch of Reine Blanche.

Besides, the video production also harvested the fruitful result. In particular, the total view rate of the Ivana Wong’s video recorded over 670,000. As a whole, we produced over 10 videos for the campaign with different selected candidates, including Ivana Wong, 3 HK interviewees, and 6 interviewees from other Asian countries and regions. Thanks to this outstanding campaign, we are confident that Reine Blanche will become one of the hero products of L’Occitane.

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